Identity Theft Protection

Identity thieves love to steal identities any way they can get them.

They’re getting a lot smarter and a lot better at what they do.

You hear about the security breaches on the news….

Like the thieves who hacked into the datastream of TJ Maxx and got all credit card info on anyone who shopped there or at Marshalls in the past 6 months.

Then there was the VA data breech where a laptop was stolen that contained the sensitive personal information on millions of veterans and active-duty troops.

Did you hear about the woman who stole an identity to get a job at Equifax?

Now why would somebody do that?

My best guess is she was able to get access to the ‘mother lode’ of identity information. Like social security numbers, birthdates, credit card accounts, current address, past addresses and any accounts you have that are open or closed. This info is immediately sold all over the world – not once, but over and over.

But, why would I want to pay a professional to protect my identity if I can do it myself?

Here’s some common things we pay people to do for us:

  • Clean our house
  • Wash our car
  • Mow our lawn
  • Groom our dog
  • Polish our nails
  • Cook us food (take-out or pre-cooked at the store)

Personally, I’d rather let my dog be scruffy than to have my identity stolen.

The point is, we’re all pressed for time – there just never seems to be enough time to do everything we want to do.

Monitoring our credit reports takes time. You can only get one free credit report a year, so it’s going to cost to get additional ones anyway.

There are many companies who offer identity theft protection – some better than others. has a comparison of the three most popular plans: "Identity Guard", "LifeLock" and "Trusted ID".

Compare identity theft protection plans.