Phishing with S and T Bank

November 6, 2007

The phishers are at it again. Apparently they decided their Citizen’s Bank scheme had run it’s course. Now they’re trying to impersonate S&T Bank. They sent it to me at the same email address. I guess they’re hoping they’ll eventually hit a bank that I use and that I’ll certainly believe them.

I seem to have some kind of ‘issue’ with my (non-existent) account. They "detected unauthorized use of a bank account linked to S&T bank accounts."  This is pretty funny…. the reply-to address is Hoo Boy – that inspires confidence!

The link in it will take me to "" which is really some domain named – I bolded it in the address above.

They signed it with " S&T bank Account Review Department". I guess they don’t think the word ‘bank’ in their name deserves to be capitalized.

Who wants to go there first?



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