ID Watchdog Review

Id Watchdog identity theft protection is all about monitoring every possible database to keep a watchful eye on your personal information. You may have seen their commercials on TV with Sheriff John Bunnell.

Simply put, their services look in every nook and cranny to stop an identity thief before he gets his hooks on your information. If a thief does manage to steal your identity, ID Watchdog gives you their 100% Guarantee that they will restore your identity back to the way it was before the theft. No matter how much it cost or how long it takes, they won’t stop until they have reversed all damages to your personal records.

They scan 1000’s of databases once a month looking for changes in your information. Databases like:

  • Criminal Records
  • Utilities
  • Address Changes
  • Mail drop boxes and centers
  • Driving License and driving history
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Homeland Security Watch Lists
  • SSN use
  • SSA Death Index monitoring
  • Corporations and Business filings
  • Name changes
  • Pilot, aircraft and boat registrations
  • Bankruptcy, leins or judgements
  • Public databases
  • Lexus Nexus
  • Changes in your credit history

ID Watchdog sends you an email every month with the results of their scans. You log into your dashboard and check to see if there are any changes. It’s just that simple.

If your identity has been compromised, a thief won’t get too far with it because it will be caught early. At that point, ID Watchdog’s service guarantee will kick in and do the work to reverse any damage. They’ve even gone to court for their clients.

When you first enroll, your files will be immediately checked. Then you verify that everything is ok. This will let you see if you’ve been a victim of identity theft and didn’t even know about it. If your identity has been compromised before you enrolled, ID Watchdog will still go to bat and restore your damage for an additional fee using their ‘ID Rehab’ services.

The cost of their service is $19.95 a month with your first 15 days for free to try it out. No long-term contracts are required – you can cancel at any time.

We really like the thorough scanning and the recovery services provided by ID Watchdog. We do wish their price was a bit lower. Twenty bucks a month makes it the most expensive plan we’ve reviewed. Identity Guard Total Protection is a good plan to compare with because they also have additional scanning and protective features.

I think their ads can be a bit hard to understand when they talk about their 100% guarantee. They aren’t guaranteeing your identity won’t be stolen – nothing can do that. What they’re guaranteeing is to 100% restore your identity and personal records back to where they were before the theft.

If you’re looking for complete scanning features and a company who will do any and all recovery services plus guarantee their work, ID Watchdog is the best choice.

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