Identity Guard® vs ID Watchdog

ID Watchdog and Identity Guard® Total Protection® are a step above the average identity protection services.

The thing that makes them stand out from other protection plans is the thorough scanning of 1000’s of databases watching for misuse of your personal records and information.

Credit identity theft is only one way identity thieves can attack you. They can lease apartments, open accounts with utilities, get a driver’s license, get medical treatment and even commit a crime – all while pretending to be you.

Having a protection plan with intensive scanning becomes a critical factor in catching identity theft early. Be aware that there is nothing that can 100% protect you from having your identity stolen.

Identity thieves are smart and getting smarter every day. Security and data breaches are almost an every day occurrence so there’s always the chance your info can fall into the wrong hands because of sloppy security by corporations, government agencies, schools, banks, etc.

If your identity is being used by a thief, finding it early limits the damage. That’s why the thorough scanning is so important.

Aside from the scanning services, Identity Guard and ID Watchdog have some differences. It’s up to you to decide which services are more important to you because both plans are very good.

Plan Comparison

Protection Plans Identity Guard Total Protection ID Watchdog
Scan 1000’s of databases including Public Records Yes Yes
Scan internet for misuse of personal info Yes Yes
3-in-1 Credit Scores Yes
Identity Theft Recovery Assistance Yes
Identity Theft Recovery Done for you Yes
Scan address change databases Yes Yes
Wallet Protection Service Yes
Credit Bureau Monitoring w/ Alerts Yes
Anti-Virus Security Suite for your computer Yes
Anti-Keystroke Logging Software Yes
Security for your cell phone, PDA, computer Yes
Cost $14.99 monthly
30 days free
$14.95 monthly
15 day trial offer

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