Medicare Card and Identity Theft

November 5, 2007

For anyone covered by Medicare, you know your Medicare ID number is actually your social security number.

This creates a problem with keeping that number secure when you carry your card in your wallet. All your life, you’ve probably carried your health insurance card with you, so naturally, you carry your Medicare card. Isn’t that what Mom and Dad used to do?

A better solution is to make a copy of both sides of your Medicare card. Get some scissors and cut out the last four digits of your social security number. Don’t use a black marker – actually cut them out.

You won’t be denied emergency care from hospitals or doctors because your last four numbers are missing.

Put your card in a safe place like a fireproof box in your house. You’ll only need to carry it if you have an appointment with a new doctor. Now you’ll have one less critical piece of information safely tucked away from identity thieves.


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