Do Children Need Identity Theft Protection?

August 7, 2007

Kids and students are especially vulnerable to identity thieves because their personal and financial activities often aren’t closely monitored. They need identity theft protection as much as adults if not more. Each member of your family is unique and should have their identity kept safe. Safeguards your kids’ identities to be sure of a positive, fresh start when they leave home and start out on their own.

Many schools use social security numbers as student id numbers. Universities and colleges do too. Some are changing this format, but all the records from years past are available to thieves. A child’s identity can be stolen every bit as easily as your own.

Just imagine how devasting it would be when you apply for a student loan only to find out  your child’s credit is already ruined. Could you eventually get it straighened out? Probably. Could you get it fixed in time to get the loan for the upcoming school year? Probably not.

When you request a credit report for your child, the report would ideally have no information. That’s because your child has no credit history. If it comes back with a listing of accounts, well, you’re in trouble.

Children’s identities aren’t as ideal as an adults to exploit because there’s no credit history to take advantage of. But just think of how many times you’ve gone shopping and been offered "a 10% discount on today’s purchases by opening an account now". These instant approval credit cards can really cause trouble.

Protect your childrens’ identities to ensure they can start their adult lives with an untarnished name and a clean financial slate.


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