Gap’s Stolen Laptop Affected 800,000 Job Applicants

September 28, 2007

If you applied for a job at Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic or Gap Outlet stores from the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada between July 2006 and June 2007, you’re in trouble.

Gap announced on September 28,2007 that a laptop with unencrypted information was stolen from one of its vendors that manages data for their company. I wish I knew who that as yet unnamed ‘vendor’ was. Their job is to manage data and they didn’t even encrypt it.

Personal information including social security numbers of 800,000 applicants were on that laptop. No Canadians were affected. Gap is attempting to notify everyone, but if you’ve moved, they won’t be able to find you.

Ah, but fear not because a spokesperson said they have no reason to believe the laptop was targeted because the thief wanted to steal identities. That’s neither here nor there.  All that personal info is stolen and it’s not coming back.

I think if someone is dishonest enough to steal a laptop, they wouldn’t have any qualms about selling the personal information in it. There’s a huge underground market for your identity. This thief could be raking in the dough for years.

Gap will offer those affected a year of free credit monitoring services with fraud resolution assistance. They have also created a 24-hour helpline at 1-866-237-4007.

If you or someone you know applied online or by phone, take steps now to protect your identity.



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